13 Reasons why I haven’t been paying attention to the Republican National Convention

I’m not paying too much attention to the Republican National Convention because:

1.  I am one of the 59 percent of voters who is sick and tired of this presidential election cycle. 

2.  Thankfully, I haven’t had cable in years, and even though I am currently housesitting somewhere with cable access, I don’t know how to work it. As for streaming it, there’s a long list of things available on the internet that I’d rather watch. The list includes old sitcom reruns that I’ve already seen too many times. I mean, I’d rather watch cat videos for goodness sake, and I’ve never watched one before.

3.  I hate reality TV.

4.  I stopped caring about the how’s and why’s of the thought process behind supporting Trump weeks ago.

5.  The best way to process the convention is as filtered by comedians on Youtube clips.

6.  The only thing worse than a convention celebrating the candidacy of Hillary Clinton is a convention celebrating the candidacy of Donald Trump.

7.  There is no point in caring when the race comes down to which candidate is less reviled by the most voters on November 8.

8.  I don’t care what Scott Baio thinks about who should be president. Or Trump’s wife and family — whether borrowed words or not. Or what anyone speaking at the convention thinks about who should be president. (The hyperlink I use on this one is hilarious, by the way.)

9.  Even though I’ve grown to see recent national party conventions as glorified paeans to a broken two party system rather than benchmarks of political progress, I still can’t see Trump’s hijacking of this Republican one as an improvement.

10.  I am tired of all the over-simplification and anger and division and playing to people’s fears and latent animosities.

11.  I don’t think the mainstream national media needs anymore attention than it collectively received as it was collectively played by Trump in the months leading up to his moment on the convention stage.

12.  I’m jealous Trump took Governor Pence off Indiana’s hands, but didn’t take Governor LePage off ours.

13.  I think Trump sucks as a candidate.

Patricia Callahan

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