BDN commenter posts some gospel truth

So here we are in the middle of crazy news cycle after crazy news cycle, and I’ve got too many posts rattling around in my head.

Which is where I think I left off in my last post … now I’ve got another one about the governor and another of his radio interviews and his fondness for governance by game playing.

But I’ve done two posts in a row about this unsettling approach to leadership! While I found them sadly amusing in their own right, I’ve been torn about being “vile” enough to go there one more time.

I also have off-script thoughts about the whole President Trump/CNN/Reddit GIF situation, but before I could choose between those and other options, I came across some gospel truth when I was catching up on the latest news.

So gospel, I have to stop everything and pass it on.

Shockingly it was in the comment section following an article about the governor’s aforementioned game playing. I shouldn’t say shockingly — sometimes comment sections can contain nuggets of great insight hidden between the less insightful volleys of vitriol that can sometimes dominate the space.

I don’t always pay attention to comment sections because of all the endless back and forth vitriol, but if a subject is of great interest, I occasionally scan to get a feel for what readers are thinking. If we’re talking hundreds of comments, like in this case, I don’t even scan.

I just slide my fingers to make it scroll like a slot machine and read whatever random comment pops up when the scrolling stops.

And there it was centered on my screen, like political commentary haiku. So much said, so few words. I instantly appreciated the sentiment and envied the brevity, like the time I posted about the commenter who said Election 2016 was like choosing between getting punched in the face or kicked in the face.

You’ve got to admire that kind of conciseness.

So I’ll be concise and get right to the brilliant words of BDN commenter TS13. It is perhaps one of the most sane, necessary messages I’ve read in a long cycle of crazy news cycles. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, TS13, and I hope you don’t mind me hijacking them and trying to get them out there to more people.

I think that’s what you’re supposed to do when you hear gospel truth:

The only people who are “winning” are the monied elite. They win while we quibble over nonsense. Each party has their fair share of selfisness, but the Rs have taken gerrymandering to a new level and the Ds have no answer. Then there are those Rs who seem to think nothing of selling grandma down the river.

Maybe I am biased but I was raised by a WWII vet and mother who understood that we either rise together as a nation, or we fall. We are falling; my father would be sick to his stomach if he were still alive.

The Rs also harbor the extremely religious and Rand adherents which should make any rational citizen squirm.

Our society is paying a heavy price for this insanity. None of us are “winning” nor will we any time soon. I am not sure integrity and honesty are recoverable. I can only hope and lead by example.  -BDN commenter TS13

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