About Trish

My current professional focus is developing my writing, which has been a hobby most of my life. In the past I have worked in a library as well as in the education and social service fields. In my younger years I thoroughly enjoyed my time in foodservice, most especially bartending.

I love living, working, writing, and raising a family in Maine for many reasons including its natural beauty, but the biggest reason is the people. Mainers are great. I’ve heard people from away say Mainers are kind of cold. I tell them what they think of as coldness is usually extreme politeness and, as a commenter put it so well, “under-exposure” to different types.

I also tell them to learn the power of a slight head nod or opening a conversation with a comment about the weather to find out just how awesome Mainers are.

Mainely Thoughts was named Maine Press Association News Blog of the Year 2016, which is an incredible honor.

Email:  trishcallahan@gmail.com — but if you’re contacting me to tell me how much one of my posts angered you, please just use the site’s contact form. That’s what the other angry people usually do.